KeyWhip 8"


The modern take on an everyday carry item, Keywhip the ultimate lanyard for any person that values security, high quality material, and multi-purpose use.

While it seems harmless, this understated self-defense design involves simple physics – the same as a real whip: small mass, high velocity, and little effort.

The original Keywhip works with the metal clasp on one end, by itself or paired with any added keys or attachments. The weight, when swung at any speed or direction, functions like a whip and offers easy and effective self-defense.

Our mission is to offer a tool that anyone can use to keep their items and themselves safe.


  • More discrete than other self-defense tools
  • Can be thrown at any angle
  • Little to no emotional prep
  • Extremely easy effort
  • Confuses opponent
  • Travel-friendly
  • Multi-purpose
  • Minimalistic look
  • Long-term use
  • Anyone can use it



  • Several color options
  • No-fade


  • Steel hook
  • Secured with triple bar tacks
  • Provides extra strength and weight


  • Sturdy, tubular nylon webbing
  • Regular length - 11.5” long
  • Short length - 8” long
  • Width – 1”
Keywhip is made and assembled right here in the United States. We value top quality material that is lasting to our customers, while operating with care and integrity. We will remain transparent in our manufacturing process.