What is a KeyKeeper?

A KeyKeeper is a uniquely designed key lanyard that doubles as a self-defense tool. Designed for subtlety in everyday use, KeyWhip provides a great solution for anyone who values safety and security.

How does a KeyKeeper work?

Use the sturdy strap, metal clasp, and added weight of keys to perform a whip-like motion in a swing for self defense. The KeyKeeper brings a sense of security, without the bulk. 

What is a KeyKeeper made of?

A KeyKeeper is constructed of a steel metal clasp and a heavy duty nylon webbing strap. It is triple sewn for added strength and virtually impossible to break.  

Is a KeyKeeper travel friendly?

Yes! The KeyKeeper is travel and TSA friendly, making it perfect for highly populated places where it may not always be legal to bring other self defense tools. Take your KeyKeeper to the airport, bus station, college, work and back home again with no worry of confiscation.

Do you offer a Military Discount?

Yes we do! Reach out to help@boxeroutdoors.com for 20% off your purchase. And thank you for your service!

Where do you manufacture KeyWhip products?

All of our products are made 100% in the USA 

Do KeyWhip products come with a warranty? 

Yes! Although we doubt you'll ever need it, KeyWhip products are backed by a lifetime warranty against failures or defects in workmanship, materials, manufacturing, and mechanical function, and is fully transferable. No need to keep track of a receipt, no need to prove you are the original owner. So long as it has a KeyWhip tag, if something isn't right, we'll fix it or replace it. Please understand some materials do wear out faster than others.